St. Paul Winter Carnival Treasure Hunt

Twin Cities Live - 02-02-2016

An interview with Emily Engberg


The Saint Paul Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt started during the Winter Carnival back in 1952. Daniel Ridder, the publisher of the Pioneer Press at the time, was the brainchild of the event. He thought it would be fun to print daily clues to help people find a hidden treasure chest. Daniel and his brother Robert hid the treasure chest in Highland Park. It was so popular that it continues today.

Today, the treasure is a medallion and itís always hidden in a public space. Jesse Anibas from Saint Paul has been on the hunt for the medallion during the Saint Paul Winter Carnival since 1989. He became so intrigued by the history and stories from other participants that he decided to write a book.

The book, ďPioneer Press Treasure Hunt HistoryĒ, chronicles the searches from the beginning. It even shows the clues, maps and times of when the treasure was found. So, what makes it so fun and why do so many people go after it? Itís a prize of up to $10,000, but itís also because of tradition. Emily learns more from Jesse.

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