Treasure Hunt Headquarters - Virtual Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the Virtual Treasure Hunt. Hidden throughout this website are twelve clues to take you on a tour and help get you familiar with Treasure Hunt Headquarters. The hunt was created for your enjoyment and in the end you will become a Treasure Hunt Headquarters "Certified Treasure Hunter". The hunt is on . . . . who will be the first to become certified?

The list of "Certified" Treasure Hunters on the final page will be updated manually as I have time. Please don't forget to submit your Name and Screen Name after completing the treasure hunt!

Hint - Past treasure hunting experience and knowledge of treasure hunt history will help you in your quest.

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Thanks for visiting Treasure Hunt Headquarters and enjoy the hunt!

Clue #1

Hidden in pages throughout this site
Are links to clues for your delight
The hunt's history began back in 1952
Seek out it's finder for your next clue